Our Work in Phrao #1


It has been two and a half months since we arrived here in Phrao and began working with Warm Heart and I have come to realize that things have been so busy that we have not stopped long enough to explain in depth the projects and day to day work that goes on here in the organization.

This post is the first in a series that will try to fix that.


One of the first projects I have been working on and managing has been the build out of our new offices here on the Warm Heart campus.  A part of that is managing the construction project plans to keep things on schedule so we can make the most of the dry season since there is a lot of infrastructure to build here.  The three new buildings are built up with bamboo and mud brick made here on site.Image

The other part has been to spec out and build a new office network as all Warm Heart operations will now be in one place. The biggest challenge of that was coming up with a solution to run data cables from the point of entry in Michael and Evelind’s home 250+ feet to the new site.  After much deliberation I decided that running them over head in a protective tube with a steel wire for support was more fixable in the future if something breaks and less work in the present than digging a four foot deep 200 foot long trench to the new site.


As of the end of this week we have a functioning network built and ready to support eight office staff on desktops and up to 20 users on the new wireless network.  I feel very happy about this as it will enhance the operations of our organization and make collaboration easier on other development projects for the mountain tribes and the people of Phrao Valley.  My temporary desk is below.




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